Three Basic Roofing Problems and Fast Solutions

Hiring the services of professional roofers is the recommended action when it comes to solving roof-related problems. There are situations though when you may need to do the roof repair yourself when the situation calls for it. These are either emergency cases or the local roofers are not available as they are currently occupied. Here are three possible roofing problems you may face and how to quickly solve then. You can also read order essays about each of these problems and understand how to cope with this or that problem.

The Problem: A huge storm has resulted in the shingle being damaged. You want to protect the rest of the roof from additional damage by repairing the damaged one.

Quick Solution

First you need to get roofing cement and aluminium flashing. The next step is to cut the flashing in a way that it is less than 1 inch of the width of the damaged portion but 4 inches longer. The length should be longer so as to allow you to extend it to either side of the damage portion. Using a pry bar, loosen carefully the damaged portion as well as the ones on either side of it. After that use the cement and apply it beneath the surface of the damaged portion.

The Problem: Some of the wooden shingles in the rood have split and need replacement.

Quick Solution

If your roof uses wood shingles as material, it is not surprising that over time they will become damaged. What you need to do is replace each shingle individually. Using a hammer and chisel, split the shingle into different narrow pieces and remove them through the use of pliers. Slide a hacksaw blade underneath the shingle in order to cut the nails holding the shingle. Place the new shingle in position and use a knife to trim it so that it fits into place. After doing that, slide the shingle in place then drive the shingle nails below the edge of the shingle. Using a hammer and wooden block, slowly tap the new shingle in place.

The Problem: The paint on the masonry of your chimney keeps on peeling

Quick Solution: The peeling of the paint is most likely due to the water that seeps through the chimney. What you need to do is install a stainless rain cap or even better a copper one. This will prevent the water from seeping further.

Keep in mind that the problems and their corresponding solutions suggested here is basic and possibly temporary. You should also remember that when working on these problems, you are on top of the roof so safety is your primary concern. One danger for example is the possibility of slipping so it is best to step on the roof as little as you can. If the roof repair is going to take longer than expected then use a ladder. Better yet, have a safety harness secured by a lifeline tied to a stable portion of the roof like the base of the chimney. If you believe that this is still difficult then do not try to repair it yourself and instead just seek the assistance of professional roofers.

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